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About the Sly Siblings

When discussing their experiences growing up with self-imposed kids’ rules, the sisters were always met with intrigue, interest, and laughter. After years of jokingly discussing whether to write a book about the rules that governed these experiences, the quarantine orders imposed in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic gave Stessy and Naomi the chance to bring their story to life.


Over weeks of hours-long phone calls, the sisters reminisced, laughed, brainstormed, and finally wrote The Sly Siblings. In time, they brought along their youngest brother, William, as the illustrator. All three siblings hope this book will inspire and empower young children to resolve conflicts among themselves, by creating rules by kids to govern kids’ worlds. 

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Sly in the media

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Sly in the classroom


Sly in the library

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Wonderfully illustrated narrative about letting your kids lead and trusting that they can solve problems on their own.

How the Sly Siblings Learned to Share is such an incredible book, and it really works for kids of a wide range of ages. I bought two copies to give to my sisters' families. All of my nieces are obsessed with the book, and I've been recommending it to everyone I know who's looking for fresh, charming children's books.

This is a very sweet story about sharing but really it is a great example of children taking it upon themselves to problem-solve. As a mom, I love that there were four great examples to reinforce the different ways kids see a situation through their own lens/desire and then work together. My 6-year-old son LOVES the story and the illustrations. He has brought it out every night for the last week to read at bedtime.

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